My name is Jay Franey, celebrating 20 years as a Hawaiian resident. I have built a solid base of experience as a  naturalist educator, adventure guide, travel writer, and photographer. 

Years of creating educational  programs for a local nature conservancy, as well as time spent being a hiking guide for a large adventure outfitter led me to believe that best experience of Maui lies in an unhurried private one-of-a-kind tour. Mixing a combination of the perfect places and adventure elements to meet your needs and timing.  As an Adventure Specialist I delight in crafting an adventure that is tailored to your specific interests focused on your "wish-list", physical abilities, and  preferred  pace.  

Whether  you are on a honeymoon and would like to have a waterfall all to yourselves, a photographer on a photo-safari, a family on vacation with active kids, or a golden-anniversary couple who just want to see as much of beautiful  scenery as possible without walking very far, I can plan an adventure that is just right for you.  With no more than one party on a trip, a highly personalized experience  is what I aim to create.  

Showing people the special magic of our beautiful island is not just my job, it's my mission!  Hiking, camping, kayaking, snorkeling, and anything nature are my passions and I bring them to my daily tour experience.  I have guided hundreds of people into  their best day on Maui.  I look forward to creating your unique Maui nature experience.


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On the Way to Hana
Jay Franey, Maui tour guide