I am a small provider, so you won't find me much on yelp or trip advisor. However, I cherish a great review and have collected some great ones over the years. Here are a few....

Stacey W. ,Wilmington, MA

My husband and I went on our honeymoon to Hawaii last September. Of the 13 days we spent on the various islands, Maui Adventure Specialist was hands down our favorite part of the trip. Jay Franey was unbelievably knowledgeble, informative and passionate. We learned so much during our 8 hour day. Jay picked us up at our cruise ship pier, and drove us to have breakfast and authentic Hawaiian coffee at a local coffee shop. Our first stop after breakfast was on the Road to Hana where we pulled to the side and hiked to see 5 different waterfalls and go swimming. Jay was so informative about all the wildlife and plants. We went off the beaten path and were not surrounded by big tour groups. After making our way back on the Road to Hana, my husband and I started getting car sick due to the windy roads! Jay took us to a beautiful beach for swimming, snorkelling and lunch. He brought fresh fruit and vegetables from his garden, along with cold cuts beverages and other snacks. From the beach, we went to Iao Valley State Park, which is a must see. On the way back to the cruise port, we stopped back at the coffee shop so I could purchase a bag of the amazing coffee we had earlier in the day! Overall, I would recommend Jay Franey's tours to anyone looking to have an authentic Maui experience!

Lisa S. ,Asheville, NC

Jay did an awesome job showing us around the west Maui mountains. He is extremely knowledgable about history of the islands. He made it very fun and watched out for each of our needs as we all had varied hiking abilities. My kids thought he was funny and I like that he quizzed them! :-)


Linda S. ,Makawao, HI

Our extended family of 6 spent a day with Jay on a perfect Maui adventure. Jay has made it his mission to "share the magic" and he does this very well indeed. He offers an adventure that's completely tailored to your own small group or family. He's extremely considerate, sensitive to each persons needs, and makes sure everyone is having plenty of fun. He finds the perfect pace for his group, even if the individuals within the group have different paces to each other. This was especially evident in our group, which ranged in ages from 10 to 66. But even with active kids and slower moving elders, he was able to craft the outings and activities so they were exciting and enjoyable for everyone. He's a creative problem-solver, if the need arises. There are always lots of options to choose from and he anticipates your needs before you notice them yourself.
I've lived on Maui for over 20 years, and was surprised to discover some new and wonderful spots that I hadn't yet found. His knowledge of the local history and culture was impressive and inspiring. Jay's prices are more reasonable than the tour companies, and you get so much more.

Berenice M. ,Kansas City, MO

Maui Adventure Specialist - is exactly what the names implies..Jay IS the ultimate adventure specialist! He customizes YOUR tour to exactly what you want to do at exactly the pace you are ready for. No feeling like you are rushing or missing things...and being able to see the "hidden" treasures that Maui has to offer make for a complete package. Although Jay is not a native, he knows as much or more than the native Hawaiian about the flora and fauna as well as the customs and history. He made our adventure fun from the start and one of the most memorable vacation adventures we have ever experienced. When you only have a day or two on the island you need to make the most of it and having a guide that caters to your needs is absolutely the best way to go. He made sure we got to see and do everything we expected and more. Don't think hiking as much as experiencing...from the mountains to the ocean, Maui Adventure Specialist is the way to get the most out of your day.


Leslie R.,Austin, TX

Maui Adventure Specialist was the best thing we found in Maui!
Jay was professional, responsive to questions before our adventure, a wealth of information during our adventure and Jay continued to reply to questions and offer great suggestions after our adventure.
Jay is the real deal, an educator and sincerely caring environmentalist with a solid, extensive knowledge of Maui. Jay is someone who is eager to share his depth of knowledge and his love of the island. This is NOT the big impersonal "herd 'em on, herd 'em off" kind of money making enterprise where the guide hasn't time to answer individual questions.
You really get your money's worth with Jay - in the end Maui Adventure Specialist was a much better expenditure than three or four of the commercial operations might have been. And it was all completely customized to our desires.
As you are Jay's only clients for the day it is geared to your likes and needs, including a delicious picnic. Organic juices and drinks, fresh picked fruits from Jay's garden and other delectable offerings.
We had brand new, high quality equipment (snorkeling) for our adventure.
The day we had with Jay was our best day in Maui, I recommend him HIGHLY to any group/any ages.